Thursday, August 30, 2007

Negative Me

I m negative as everytime i write something it contains negative sentences. When i email it to anyone he get annoyed. Now i dont know is it me that gives negative effects or the person had already some negativity for me. That as soon as i question simply, people take it negatively and ask me to increase my communication skills. Well i have started to read books about communication skills but i hardly see any problem in clearing ambiguities. All my friends think i m good and motivating person but when talking to some seniors the idea changes. One of my friend told me to keep quiet as this is the best policy or another thing he said to me that "Boss is always right". So whether i m right or not my Boss is always right. But i m rebellious in nature lets see how long i can survive.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Farm House Picnic

Well our office boys make a programme for farm house. But after delaying it for two weeks, as we are unable to get the monetary share from everyone. After this Firpo farm is booked. At first i m not ready to go there, but later i make up my mind. My collegaues woke me up in the morning (atlest morning for me at 11:00 AM). I took my ping pong racket and on we go. WE played there all night and have fun together. A good way to enjoy with your friend. Now planning again for cricket match....